The Best Way to Save Your Drowned Phone Isn't With Dry Rice

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

We do love a good busted myth. Most of us have long considered a temporary rice burial the best method of reviving a phone you’ve accidentally dropped in water, but a bunch of chaps who have enough money to not really care about potentially damaging their electronics have found a new way.

Cat litter. Preferably unsoiled. Phone company Gazelle has crowned crystal cat litter the number one wet phone rescuer, as it works better as a drying agent than grains of rice. The experts recommend shaking as much water out of your phone, air-drying it, sticking it in a bag of the stuff for a few days and crossing your digits.

Their experiments also revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is more resilient to water than the iPhone 4. Not particularly useful information in 2016, but still a fun fact.

Back to the important stuff, also superior to rice are silica gel, couscous, instant oatmeal and classic oatmeal. Have a go with them and let us know how you get on in the comments section... [Gazelle]

Image: EasyAcc