The Church of England Wants You to Let Pokémon Go in

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

I understand that many of you may have opened this article with the sole intention of scrolling to the bottom of the page and ranting in the comments section about how sick you are of Pokémon Go, but bear with me on this one. The Church of England has published its own guide to the smash hit mobile game, and it genuinely makes for lovely reading.

Here are a few bits of advice it offers:

Download Pokémon Go on your mobile or tablet. Through the game you will be able to see if your church is a PokéStop or a gym.

Place welcome signs outside: encourage them to come inside and offer them drinks and snacks. The game also uses a lot of battery so why not create a battery charging station? If you’ve got it, let them connect to the church’s wifi.

Speak to players about the game: learn how to play it yourself, it’s a good way to start a conversation that may lead on to other things.

Hold a Pokeparty like Christ Church Stone.

Who knew the Church of England was so down with the kids? No tasteless jokes, please. You can read Archbishops’ Council digital media officer Tallie Proud’s full blog post here.