The Greatest Innovation in Travel Lets You Drag Your Suitcase With No Hands

By Andrew Liszewski on at

You can never have enough free hands at the airport for juggling your boarding pass, your passport, your coffee, your snacks, and your carry-on bag. The solution to that problem came to amateur inventor Robert Lian while he was waiting for a flight one day. What about a plastic tail that let travellers tow their luggage like a trailer?

The only real requirement for the My Hitch, besides being cool about walking around a crowded airport wearing a fake plastic tail that’s dragging your suitcase, is you’ll need to be wearing a well-secured pair of trousers, preferably with a belt keeping them tight around your waist. Try to use the My Hitch with something like jogging pants and they’ll end up around your ankles in no time.

Carry-on bags weighing less than 12 kilos are considered ideal for tail-towing, and you’ll want to avoid stacking luggage which could throw off the balance. Otherwise, for just $18 (that's just over £13 but UK buyers have to pay the same price again in delivery!) the My Hitch leaves your hands free for other important tasks like trying to hide your face while everyone else is trying to take pictures of you walking through the airport. [My Hitch via Odditymall]