The iPhone 7 Has a Likely Release Date

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Apple’s next mobile phone has been subject to an incredibly confusing whirlwind of speculation, with people in the industry totally unsure about how big a step up the iPhone 7 will be over the 6S, and whether or not the company has decided to save its best new stuff for next year’s release.

It’s therefore nice to have a definitive rumour -- is that a contradiction? -- to discuss. Well-known tech tipster Evan Blass has had his say on the handset’s release date, and says the iPhone 7 will be available to buy on September 16th.

Though this isn't to be taken as gospel, Blass has an impressive record when it comes to smartphone rumours, and the purported release day suggests the iPhone 7 will launch during the first full week of the month -- most likely on the evening of September 5th or 6th. Mark those down in your calendar as the next time you're likely to use Safari or Edge.

This year’s iPhone is almost certainly going to be free of a headphone jack, while Apple’s also expected (at long last) to remove the option to buy a 16GB model, with entry-level instead bumped up to the 32GB mark. Here's what else we think we know about the iPhone 7. [Twitter via BGR]