The Met Office Wants You to Count Raindrops to Enhance Forecasts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Despite having a really nice computer that can calculate what rude objects clouds might look like 100 years from now, that's not enough for the Met Office. It's hoping to use the data of the crowd to make predictions more accurate and take into account more of the hyperlocal regional variations we see around the country.

The Met is asking people with an interest in talking about the weather to install small home meteorological stations in their gardens, then use the data harvested to hopefully make local predictions better. It's being talked about again thank to the weather forecaster relaunching its Weather Observations Website, where cloud enthusiasts have been sharing data and nice photos of sunsets etc since 2011.

The updated platform now has the ability to pull in data from some weather sensors fitted to cars, although the Met says that people giving their opinions "just by looking out of the window" are also welcome, seeing as humans are a bit more reliable than things stuck to decades-old Peugeots. The overall aim is to create a "more visual, localised picture of the weather" across the country. [MEN]

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