The New mini-NES Won't be Getting Any Extra Games

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yesterday Nintendo wowed the world with the announcement of a miniature version of the NES, complete with 30 classic games pre-installed. You better be happy with the initial selection, because you won't be getting any more.

Nintendo has confirmed that it won't be releasing any extra games for the mini-NES, it isn't compatible with cartridges, and it won't have an internet connection. So once you've bought the console, that's your lot. No new releases, no scouring eBay for old cartridges, and no digital downloads.

But this could always be the start of greater things. If the mini-NES sells well, maybe Nintendo will release more classic games for you to play without having to buy a decades-old console that may or may not still work. I wouldn't be surprised is other companies followed suit as well. No confirmations, but we can all pray and live in hope. [Kotaku UK]