The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Might be Pricier Than a Top-Level iPhone 6S

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

If, like me, you’re a large phone convert (it’s too early in the day to be throwing around dirty words like ‘phablet’), you’ll no doubt be keeping a very beady eye on Samsung and its next smartphone. The Note 7 is expected to launch on August 2nd, and sounds like another cracking entry in the Galaxy line.

However, according to SamMobile, it could land as one of the most expensive flagships ever. It’ll reportedly retail for €849 (£725) -- almost £30 more than the 128GB iPhone 6S -- though that figure could increase thanks to all of the uncertainty around Brexit. The OnePlus 3 recently had its UK price changed for that very reason.

Last year’s Galaxy S6 Edge Plus -- the Note 5 didn’t arrive in the UK -- was originally priced at £749, but Samsung dropped that significantly less than a month after launch. Fingers crossed something similar happens with the Note 7 if the numbers turn out to be real.

If you can afford it, it sounds like a cracking handset. Here's everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 so far. [SamMobile]