The Xbox One S Now Has an Official Release Date

By Gerald Lynch on at

OK, OK, we know – it's the Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation Neo that you're really after. But if you're looking for a reason to upgrade or buy into this generation's Xbox for the first time, the Xbox One S presents a good case for itself.

Now officially set for an August 2nd release date (priced at £349), the new Xbox is 40 per cent slimmer than the original chunky Xbox One, and still manages to squeeze its power supply inside the console casing, rather than relying on an external power brick. In addition, the console throws 4K video playback into the mix, as well as an IR blaster for home cinema control and a slightly-refined new controller design.

However, it's just the 2TB version of machine going up on sale for that £349 price. While 1TB and 500GB variants have been announced (priced at £299 and £249 respectively), they've yet to be given a firm release date. I'd bet they land closer to Christmas, where their cheaper asking prices will make them more attractive during the competitive shopping period.

As for Project Scorpio, the true "Xbox Two" if you like, there's been no further word from Microsoft since it's E3 unveiling. Due out around Christmas 2017, it'll focus on "high fidelity VR" with six teraflops of power pushing 4K gaming experiences. [Xbox Wire]