These Are the Hottest Platforms on London Underground

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

We all know that Londoners are a sensitive bunch, all too ready to kick off about pretty much anything, but the Underground has been a sweaty, stifling pit this week, thanks to a collar-wilting cocktail of cracking weather, a lack of air conditioning and the bodily heat of tens of thousands of commuters.

Londonist has gone through TfL’s data for average peak hour temperatures on platforms across the Tube network from August 2015 and found that the hottest of the lot is at Marble Arch on the Central line, coming in at an underwear-soaking 31.69°C.

Right behind that are:

  • Bond Street, 31.48°C, Central line
  • Paddington, 31.19°C, Bakerloo line
  • Oxford Circus, 31°C, Central line
  • Bank, 30.99°C, Central line
  • Baker Street, 30.4°C, Bakerloo line
  • Charing Cross, 30.68°C, Bakerloo line
  • Edgware Road (Bak), 30.96°C, Bakerloo line
  • Maida Vale, 30.28°C, Bakerloo line
  • Marylebone, 30.23°C, Bakerloo line
  • Warwick Avenue, 30.1°C, Bakerloo line
  • Lancaster Gate, 30.4°C, Central line
  • Chancery Lane, 30.19°C, Central line

It’s only right that the Bakerloo line platforms appear to be the ones most affected by the heat. A fantastic little gag from TfL. Add a few more degrees to the figures above, and you’ll get an idea of what the carriages are like at this time of year.

The coolest platforms on the network, meanwhile, are at Heathrow Terminal 4 (20.85°C) and Heathrow Terminal 5 (20.97°C), both on the Piccadilly line. A nice, misleading welcome for soon-to-be lightly steamed tourists. [Londonist]

Image: Mr Snipsnap via Flickr