This Driverless Land Rover Concept Car Has a Serious Backside

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Sir Mix A Lot would be all up in this car’s business. Matthew Robson, a Vehicle Design Master’s student at the Royal College of Art, has unveiled his design concepts for a driverless Land Rover, dubbed the ‘Aegis’, and there’s one thing we can’t take our eyes off.

Just look at that rear end. Yowzer. Robson’s clearly been spending a lot of time scrolling through Kim K’s Instagram feed. The car company sponsored his work, and here’s how Robson describes it:

This Land Rover sponsored project explores the notion of handing over our safety, security, and control to an object. Made from two intersecting monolithic surfaces, one of which symbolises strength and function the other encompassing the occupants in their own closed off environment. Helping passengers to relax into this inevitable change from manual to autonomous.

Pleasantly meaningless, yes, but not a jot on Rolls-Royce’s description for its self-driving car (which comes with special lights that beam down a virtual red carpet when you jump out of it).

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