This is What an Emergency Evacuation Along a Tube Tunnel Looks Like

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The journey home got unexpectedly exciting for around 1,000 Tube passengers yesterday evening, after their train got stuck outside Shepherd’s Bush station. A fault with the track meant that everyone on board had to jump off and walk through London Underground’s gloomy tunnels.

With this being 2016, someone decided to film part of the journey. Unfortunately, his smartphone camera clearly isn’t much of a low-light specialist. The footage is grainy, but provides some indication of what a stroll underneath London is like.

In short, well-controlled and uneventful. No bats, no apparitions, not even a prehistoric wall painting.

Unfortunately for headline-makers, TfL’s staff also performed brilliantly throughout, with Helen Pratt, one of the evacuated passengers, saying, “Well, that was fun on the Central Line in the dark. Thanks TfL for sending friendly staff to lead us into the light." [BBC]