Three Chops Roaming and Tethering from New Essentials Budget SIMs

By Gary Cutlack on at

UK network Three is continuing to fiddle with its bundles, revealing a new Essentials connection aimed at budget users that strips out modern luxuries like tethering your own hotspot and roaming while on hols to shave a few quid off the price.

The new Essentials package does away with the "Feel at Home" option to use your deal abroad, bins all tethering support so you can't make your own little hotspot, and also takes the rather extreme measure of removing free calls to the network's customer support help line -- these now come out of your allowance.

The new structure covers both pay monthly subscribers and contract users, and also include numerous paid options to boost it back up to useful status. A 1GB add on that enables hotspot and tethering use, for example, costs £5, and there is still an "All you can eat" data option for £5, but that's only buyable if you've already burned through a previous level of short-term boost. It's all a bit complicated, and will no doubt have people binning off Three for a rival -- or reseller -- that offers something possible to actually understand the charging structure of. [Twitter]

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