Travelling With a See-Through Suitcase Will Force You to Pack Neatly

By Andrew Liszewski on at

You know that embarrassing feeling when security flags you for a carry-on inspection, and you have to open your messy suitcase in front of all your fellow travellers? Sucks. But Crumpler’s new Vis-à-Vis suitcase is completely clear, which means you’ll either learn to pack neat, or learn to be proud of being a packing slob.

Traveling With a See-Through Suitcase Will Force You to Pack Neatly

Featuring a clear polycarbonate shell, the Vis-à-Vis luggage is as durable as other hardshell suitcases, but it exposes everything you travel with to the world. In addition to locks and a zipped closure, the Vis-à-Vis also features wraparound straps to help keep it closed and take the strain off those zippers.

It’s probably not for every traveller, but if you’re constantly worried about forgetting something, the Vis-à-Vis is also an easy to double-check that everything is packed — but not a cheap one. At 745 AUD (that's £426, but the site unfortunately isn't currently shipping to the UK), it’s an expensive travel accessory, but one that will certainly be easy to spot on an airport’s luggage carousel. [Crumpler via Uncrate]