Two Idiots Play Pokémon Go, Fall Off Cliff

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back when Pokémon Go was announced, there were fears that people would injure themselves trying to capture some imaginary monsters. It turns out that those fears weren't unfounded. Case in point: two idiots in California who fell off a cliff while playing.

The incident happened Encinitas, near San Diego, to two men who were wandering by a 75+ foot cliff. Naturally, they were distracted because they were playing Pokémon Go. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, one man fell 50ft, while the other fell 90ft onto the beach below.

Fortunately neither of them were seriously hurt, though their exact injuries (or their ages) haven't been revealed.but I imagine they're going to start looking where they're going in future.

Remember, kids, imaginary animals are not worth getting killed over. [San Diego Union-Tribune via Slashgear]