UK Festival Offers Illegal Drug Purity Tests for Attendees

By Gary Cutlack on at

People visiting the Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire over the weekend were able to have the quality of their illegal substances tested before shoving them into their eyes or up their bottoms or whatever it is people do with drugs nowadays, as the controversial free testing service was offered to reassure the event's attendees of the quality of their dodgy pills and powders.

Community group The Loop offered the testing service, claiming it might help protect people from the dangers of super-strength MDMA. Fiona Measham, co-founder of the charity, explained: "We are collecting samples directly from users and we are giving the information back directly to the users. The overall aim is to reduce overall harm on site and perhaps even to save lives."

Despite police sniffer dogs being on site and there being a theoretical maximum penalty of a seven-year prison term for possessing MDMA, or ecstasy as we understand skinny men in corridors call it, it was the most common drug tested at the event. Measham said that over half of the people who had their stash tested subsequently decided not to take it after the results came through, presumably as they showed it was impure, too strong, or just unlikely to work as it was talcum powder. [BBC]

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