UK Railway Police Release Track Jumping Idiocy Highlight Reel

By Gary Cutlack on at

Keen to highlight the dangers of playing on the railway lines, British Transport Police has released a horrendous compilation of CCTV footage showing people risking their legs and their lives in and around the UK's train stations and lines.

The clip gets a bit harrowing at the end, mind, when some guy seen casually strolling along a track inside a station gets whisked up by a train as it pulls into the station. The BTP says the chap in question survived, although was left unable to walk. He consented to the footage of his accident being released to serve as a shocking warning to others not to be as silly. And it certainly does that job.

So here are some people seemingly wanting to die with a warning that it gets particularly grim at the end:

How many times do people need telling not to do this? Everyone knows not to do this, just like everyone knows not to get the toast out of the toaster with a knife, or take a bath with the electric fire. [YouTube]

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