UK Scientists Kicked off EU Projects as Fears of Budget Cuts Loom

By Gary Cutlack on at

A confidential poll of members of the UK's Russell Group universities (the poshest ones) appears to show that Brexit fears are already impacting upon the scientific community, with some research teams cutting back on UK-based representatives as they expect future EU funding to fall away from projects not wholly benefiting EU nationals.

According to the Guardian, the survey found evidence that one EU project manager recommended all UK-based partners be dropped from a team as the Brexit uncertainty meant that the start of this particular bit of unmentioned scientific research would be delayed until some sort of deal between the UK and the EU had been agreed. So if they want the funding and still want to hit their 2017 start date, the Brits have to go.

The paper quotes a source as saying that the universities had noticed a "...substantial increase in definitive evidence that EU projects are reluctant to be in collaboration with UK partners, and that potentially all new funding opportunities from Horizon 2020 are closing," meaning, for UK scientists, it's time to say goodbye to jollies off to universities Brussels. [Guardian]

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