Watch Louis Theroux Try to Get Through the Scientology Gates

By Gary Cutlack on at

TV's Mr Nice has finally assembled his long awaited documentary all about the world of Scientology, with Theroux's My Scientology Movie set to bypass his usual BBC outlet in favour of launching in cinemas around the world later this year.

The trailer shows the usual sorts of things we see when outsiders try to investigate the church, with cars following him, church members turning up to film his every movement, quite a lot of shouting and, in a first for one of Louis's docs, a reconstruction of the methods used by church leader David Miscavige and sequences set inside a reconstruction of "The Hole" where it's alleged that church bosses lock up those who attempt to leave or speak ill about the firm. Here's the trailer:

And while Theroux obviously fails to get any time with church leader Miscavige, the film's based on access to Marty Rathbun, the one-time Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center that was responsible for enforcing the rules of the organisation. He quit and is now quite the activist against the church, helping those who've also left and recounting his stories from inside the regime. [YouTube]

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