What on Earth Would Apple Want With Formula 1?

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the oddest tech rumours to hit the internet of late suggests that two of the things that most appeal to today's modern consumers -- cars and iPhones -- might be about to come together in the highest-profile way imaginable.

The rumour comes from way down an F1 fan's blog about the British Grand Prix, where he notes that there's some financial investigation going on behind the scenes of the business end of F1, and the people checking the books are working on behalf of... Apple.

It seems a bit mad and like he's making it up, but then there is that thing about the Apple Car that's apparently in the works. And what better way to advertise this to the world than by buying F1 and slapping Apple branding over everything, or rebranding it as the Apple Racing Division and replacing the expensive drivers with autonomous algorithms?

Plus Apple has that Apple TV thing it wants to sell to people, and sport has traditionally been used by broadcasters to up their profile and encourage people to buy/subscribe to whatever it is they're selling, so it sort of makes a bit of sense.

But with a valuation of around £6bn on F1 at the moment, surely that's a bit much for even cash-rich Apple to buy to use as little more than a posh advert? [Joe Saward via Ubergizmo]

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