Wrong Kind of Sun Breaks Stansted's Biometric Passport Readers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The setting sun has been blamed for passenger delays at Stansted airport, as the cameras attached to biometric passport readers in one particular hall are failing to take photos properly due to... it being the summer.

Passengers with biometric passports are being held up at border control because the sun's impacting on the performance of the west-facing cameras, one unforeseen problem of the modern trend for making every public space out of nothing but glass. Ralph Gross from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University told the Guardian that: "It’s got better at dealing with challenging illumination situations, but it will still struggle in this light. As long as the cameras are set up this way, they are going to struggle with the accuracy rate in this situation."

Stansted has added extra gates to tackle the problem, with a Home Office spokesperson saying: "Border Force is working with Stansted airport to resolve this issue, which has no impact on border security or the experience for the vast majority of passengers passing through passport control." [Guardian]

Image credit: Stansted Airport from Shutterstock

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