$5 IoT Computer Promises Wi-Fi, Apps and Linux in a Postage Stamp

By Gary Cutlack on at

A newcomer in the smallest-ever computer war has arrived in the tiny form factor of the Omega 2 -- a computer the makers want to sell for $5 to coders, IoT enthusiasts, the entire third world and men not against the idea of maybe doing a bit of soldering.

According to the hardware's Kickstarter page, the Omega 2 is designed to operate like a modern device thanks to its in-house App Store, meaning there should be plenty of off-the-shelf solutions to modern Internet of Things problems like how to stop the wife turning up the heating when you're out.

They're selling it as being a tiny Linux server with Wi-Fi onboard capable of running Apache, plus it's built around a modular approach a little like the Raspberry Pi, with future add ons offering Bluetooth and cellular connectivity, plus GPS and the ability to dock it with an Arduino for powering more complex graphical tasks.

If $5 sounds like too much of a steal there's a high-end option available for $9 that offers double the storage and memory along with a microSD slot. It's absolutely blasted through its target of $15,000 by a factor of 20, so the people behind it now have to actually get it made. Whoops. [Kickstarter]

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