£50 Gets a Coffee Plus Extras in London's Planned Oral Sex Cafe

By Gary Cutlack on at

Is that man really enjoying his cappuccino, or is there a lady administering mouth sex on him below the table? That's the question that might soon be going through the minds of customers in a potential new coffee shop in London, with a man planning to offer blowjobs (from prostitutes) alongside cups of coffee.

In Paddington is where it might happen, because there's lots of hotels and therefore lots of bored businessmen who could then put the coffee receipt on expenses. Founder Bradley Charvet is apparently in the process of setting up a similar sex-offering cafe in Geneva, and thinks -- laughably! -- that London might like such a thing on its streets. The idea is that customers would enter the premises, order a drink, then page through a listing of available sex workers on a tablet, before picking one to do the job. Imagine Ikea benches full of men silently grasping their mugs while a sad woman works away under the table.

Charvet's reading of the law is that his business would be a coffee shop first and a knocking shop merely by accident, meaning that the laws of the UK would be confounded by his clever offering of a coffee alongside a short visit from a prostitute. That almost certainly won't happen, but it hasn't stopped everyone banging on about how it might. We've put in a request for a hot chocolate and a prostate examination, just in case it does. [Standard]

Image credit: Hot coffee from Shutterstock

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