A £4.99 EE Alcatel Clam-Shell Blower is Your "Burner Phone Bargain" Deal of the Day

By Gizmodo UK on at

Yo. Meet me outside the offy at 9:20 ye––––Oh, hi! Welcome to another Dealzmodo round-up, bringing you some great deals and savings from across the web.

First up for consideration is a super cheap Alcatel phone from Argos – normally £10 and today half price for £4.99. The clam-shell device (yes, they still make clam-shell phones) is ideal for your friendly local neighbourhood drug dealer who needs a cheap throwaway phone on which to do their deals – i.e., a burner phone. Word to the wise: it will need a £10 top-up, which could be a stickler as really most, if not all, calls will be incoming.

Elsewhere it has a built-in radio for tuning in to Rinse FM, and the owner will "never miss a call, even when on silent, thanks to the LED indicator on the outside of the handset". Perfect. Pick it up at Argos now.

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