A New Dark Tower Image Teases a Crucial Moment

By Germain Lussier on at

It’s still a bit hard to fathom, but a big-budget adaptation of Stephen King’s multi-dimensional adventure The Dark Tower movie is finally on its way to cinemas. Now a photo of one of the series’ iconic moments has emerged.

The photo was posted by Tom Taylor, a young actor who plays Jake Chambers in the film, and both the setting and line of dialogue are crucial.

In the books, “There are other worlds than these” is the line Jake delivers to Roland (Idris Elba in the film) that’s the first clue the world they’re in is but one of many dimensions linked through the tower of the title. Basically, it’s the line that takes the story to a whole other level.

As for that shack Jake is in, it’s Dutch Hill, a demonic presence that protects one of those alternative dimensions.

Lots going on in a very simple tweet.

The Dark Tower will be released February 17th, 2017. [Twitter via EW]