A Rare Apple 1 Prototype Just Sold for More Than £620,000

By Tom Pritchard on at

Apple products tend to carry a high price tag, but would you pay $815,000 (£623,482) for one of its products? What if I told you it was an Apple 1 prototype built by Steve Wozniak?

That's exactly how much one sold for at a charity auction last week, with 10% of the total going to the Leukaemia and Lymphoma society. The final sale was expected to reach in excess of $1 million, and while the final bid was $1.2 million it was pulled at the last minute for unspecified reasons. Had the bid gone through, it would have set a new record for an Apple 1 sale.

What makes this so special, aside from the fact it's the first Apple product ever made, is that it's a pre-production prototype that was never available to buy. It also came with a near-complete set of the original documentation, including early Apple 1 Basic cassettes, a power supply, original manuals and marketing materials, and Apple 1 ACI Cassette Board schematics.

Appraisers believe that the board could still be powered up, but they don't recommend doing so. Obviously you wouldn't do that with something so valuable, especially given modern computers are far superior for things you'd want the Apple 1 to do. [Charitybuzz via Slashgear]