A Superstitious Fisherman Kept This £75 Million Pearl Under His Bed

By Darren Orf on at

According to city government officials in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines, a local fisher just dropped off this monster of a pearl to a local tourism office. If legit, it would far surpass the current Guinness record holder, the Pearl of Lao Tzu, at a comparatively measly 6.3 kg, which also came from the Philippines.

The Daily Mail reports that a local fisherman kept the two-foot-wide pearl under his bed for good luck. When the owner eventually showed tourism officials, they were stunned.

As the above Facebook post mentions, the city is still in the middle of authenticating the find to see if it indeed is a natural, clam-made pearl. Clam pearls are rare, as oysters are usually the ones to make these calcium carbonate creations. But seeing as giant clams can weight upwards of 227 kg, this monster pearl suddenly becomes much more possible. [Daily Mail via BBC]