Acer's Crazy 21-inch Curved Screen Gaming Laptop Makes a Mockery of Your Desktop Rig

By Gerald Lynch on at

There must come a time in every product designer's life, brow-beaten by countless concept rejections, when they just go "fuck it, I'm doing it my way", throw caution to the wind and submit the barmiest idea for a product they can muster. Perhaps one in a thousand blue-sky-thinking designs get cleared for production. Today's miracle? The Acer Predator 21 X.

It is insane.

Just revealed at Acer's IFA 2016 press conference, the Acer Predator 21 X is a monstrous gaming laptop. Measuring a sizeable 21-inches, it packs in a curved display, a 7th gen Intel Core i7 processor, dual Nvidia GTX 1080 cards running in SLI and a maze of heat pipes and fans to keep the thing cool.

Individually LED-lit Cherry MX mechanical keys are there for the tapping, while there's also Tobii eye-tracking built in and a 4.2-channel sound system. In a neat touch, the numberpad can be flipped over to reveal a large precision touchpad for when a mouse isn't convenient.

Though a "2017" release has been slated for the Acer beast, there's no pricing to go with it yet. However, the new, lesser, Predator Z271T, available in October, might give an indication of what to expect. It has a full HD 27-inch display running at 144Hz, and is priced at €799 (around £690). Given what's stuffed inside the Predator 21 X, I'd say you could at the very least triple that figure for the flagship.