Amazon Has Launched an Unlimited Cloud Storage Plan in the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Tired of all the limits imposed on your cloud storage? Is the 1TB limit offered by a lot of services not enough to suit your needs? Well good news! Amazon has announced that, as of today, people in the UK can get unlimited cloud storage with Amazon Cloud Drive.

And when it says unlimited, it really means unlimited. I checked, and apparently there are no caps on how much data you can store. Given the issues Microsoft had with people exploiting the whole unlimited thing, this might not have been the been the best idea Amazon has had. Whether it's a worse idea than the Fire Phone is still up for debate.

Cloud Drive's unlimited plan costs £55 a year (or £4.58 a month), and comes with a three-month free trial. You have to hand over your credit card information to get the trial, but you can cancel anytime before those three months are up to avoid paying anything.

However, unlike most Amazon offerings, there are no significant discounts or perks available to Amazon Prime subscribers. All they get is 5GB of free cloud storage, in addition to the unlimited photo storage they're already entitled to.

[Update] Apparently if you cancel or end your Cloud Drive subscription, you have 90 days to download all of your data.