Amazon Launches its Own Jets to Haul Our Stuff

By Gary Cutlack on at

Amazon's sort of launched its own airline, rebranding an existing Boeing 767 jet operated by US flier Atlas Air as the Amazon One Prime Air special delivery plane. It's mission: to fly Terry's Chocolate Oranges, discount SSDs and PlayStation 4 shooting games to where they're needed most -- everywhere.

Knowing that this might be considered newsworthy by the internet, Amazon had the painting process timelapsed:

Amazon's done deals with Atlas and one of its rivals Air Transport Services Group to fly its things around the US, which will see the everything-seller soon have 40 dedicated cargo planes solely carrying its goods through the skies.

Amazon will be using the services to deliver items cross country and also move its inventory between locations, with Amazon US operations VP Dave Clark saying: "We have the ability, with our own planes, to create connections between one point and another point that are exactly tailored to our needs, and exactly tailored to the timing of when we want to put packages on those routes -- versus other peoples' networks which are optimized to run their entire network. We add capacity, we add flexibility and it gives us cost-control capability as well." [YouTube via Recode]

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