Amazon Warned Over 'Misleading' Free Delivery Gobbledygook

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has exchanged a few choice words with Amazon over its delivery charges, having described them as ‘misleading’.

The watchdog stepped in after an unfortunate incident involving an £18.49 AmazonBasics electrical product. A customer cried foul after being charged for delivery despite the product’s search listing saying it was “eligible for free UK delivery.”

The product page, meanwhile, tweaked the message to “free delivery in the UK on orders over £20.” So he added an item to his basket to push the value of his overall order to over £20… yet he was still slapped with the delivery charge.

Amazon responded by pointing to one of those joyless explainer pages called ‘About Free Delivery’, and claiming that the sheer number of variables made it impossible to detail actual delivery charges on product pages. According to the company, ‘About Free Delivery’ made it clear that any product not dispatched by Amazon isn't eligible for free delivery, and therefore doesn't count towards the minimum amount required to make an order eligible for free delivery. And one more time: free delivery.

The ASA, however, has called bullshit and told Amazon to list delivery charges alongside product prices and stop misleading customers. [Guardian, ASA]