Apple iCloud 2TB Option Will Slow the March of Pesky "Storage Full" Notifications

By Gerald Lynch on at

We're just a few days out from the Apple September iPhone event, and the company seems already keen to find ways to mitigate that humongous impending tax bill. It's updated its iCloud cloud storage plans to offer Apple device users a 2TB option.

That's a sizeable chunk of storage, weighing in at a £13.99 per month fee. That's about £168 per year. If you're rocking a smaller 16GB or 32GB iPhone, or have a number of Apple devices (iCloud works across Mac, too), it'll help ease the pain of juggling photo and video libraries when physical storage capacity is reached.

For comparison's sake, Dropbox Pro, offering 1TB, charges an annual rate of £79 (which would be about a tenner cheaper if it offered a 2TB tier). Google Drive offers 1TB for a monthly $9.99/£7.63 fee, or £91.56 a year. If you're really looking to splash out, you can go all the way from 10TB to 30TB with Google Drive, too.

Apple's always come under fire for the cost of its storage enhancements, but it's not hugely more expensive for once here. With rumours of a 256GB iPhone 7 launching next week, it finally seems to be taking those criticisms onboard. [Apple]