Apple May Shift to OLED Displays at Last, Says Pixel Expert

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of Apple's display manufacturing partners has said it's unlikely to switch to OLED screen technology on a permanent basis, but may use it for a little while or an iPhone generation or two until the Micro LED system it favours as the future of display tech is ready for the mainstream.

The insight comes from Innolux VP and mobile manager Yang Hung-wen, who makes TFT-LCD displays to rival the OLEDs used by many other makers, and says that the rival OLED system can't compare with LCD in terms of cost and reliability, plus supply problems with OLED screens means Apple might struggle to get enough of them together if it were indeed to stick them in the 2017 iPhone as rumoured.

Wang said, however, that Apple may go for OLED anyway, as a means of differentiating models, so perhaps there might be a monster iPhone 7 with an OLED display to help win back some of the Samsung flip-floppers who are embracing its Korean rival's flexible OLEDs.

And whatever happened to sapphire glass? Did they chuck it all in the recycling bin and give up? [DigiTimes via WCCF]

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