Blackpool Beach as a Scene from Bladerunner, as Imagined By Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Artists

By Gerald Lynch on at

What's your average seaside scene? Buckets, spades, sandcastles, donkey rides and a 99 Mr Whippy Flake? Sure! Classic! What about being sat in the shadows of Blackpool Tower in a refugee camp, polygonal skyscrapers looming above you while something like a Hunter Killer chopper from Terminator swoops overhead?

That's how the artists behind Square Enix's next cyberpunk game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided picture the British seaside resort of Blackpool in the future (the year 2029 to be exact), as pictured above. I can almost hear the claw machines now!

Looking to promote the new transhumanism-focussed game (which comes out on August 23rd, and that our buddies over at Kotaku have played extensively already) London gets the Bladerunner makeover treatment too:

Makes the Garden Bridge plans look tame and well considered by comparison, eh?

The artists have re-imagined a whole bunch of other cities from around the world, too. You can check out the full gallery at the source. [DeusEx]