Brave Men Give Up Phones, Want to Borrow Yours

By Eve Peyser on at

Ugh. Technology can be stressful, am I right? Even though we’re living in the age of convenience (“internet of things”, et cetera, et cetera) some people want to go analogue and abandon their smartphones.

So, here we are, with an article courtesy of the BBC, about brave men like tech entrepreneur Steve Hilton (pictured above, left) and comedian Ari Shaffir’s (pictured above, right) decision to give up the iPhone life.

“If you post a photo on Instagram you don’t need to watch the people saying, ‘Yeah I like it’— people are constantly checking their ‘likes’,” Shaffir told the BBC.

‘Likes’ being a byword for the inflation of ego. The modern nightmare. And really, hell hath no fury like a male comedian ranting about social media.

Nevertheless Shaffir was hooked. He only stopped using a smartphone after he accidentally left his in the back of a taxi, and just went with it. He told the BBC that he felt “withdrawal symptoms” and that it was more difficult than quitting smoking.

Steve Hilton on the other hand, is more of a rebel for not using a mobile phone because he runs a startup. In Silicon Valley, the very centre of tech. With no mobile phone? Insane.

Hilton admits that he borrows his friends’ phones four to five times a month. (TBH, it sounds like Hilton has really sweet friends.) Shaffir, on the contrary, says he’s like a “sober alcoholic.” One whiff of that seductive blue light, and boom, he’s hooked again.

Shaffir also told the BBC, ‘jokingly’, that “he feels ‘superior’ to his smartphone-absorbed friends”. Which is my primary issue with non-smartphone users. Live your truth. Just don’t judge mine! [BBC]