British Bill of Rights Will Replace Human Rights Act, Despite U-Turn Reports

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Justice Secretary Liz Truss has tried to calm Britain’s population of non-Eton-educated scrubbers the hell down, by insisting that the government won’t break its manifesto pledge of replacing the Human Rights Act with a new British Bill of Rights.

"We are committed to it,” said Truss on BBC Radio 4’s Today show. “It is a manifesto pledge. We are looking very closely at the details but we have a manifesto pledge to deliver that."

The legislation has been subject to a number of delays, and a according to recent reports, Prime Minister Theresa May isn’t so keen on the idea. Michael Gove, who lost his job when May slithered into Dave’s old hotseat, had previously been working on a British Bill of Rights, which is now guaranteed to be subject to tinkering.

No dates have been specified by Truss, which means the bunch of black-hearted toffs charged with drawing up the proposals will have the opportunity to continue scrawling out cruel things about commoners, guffaw uncontrollably, say things like 'Jolly good' and then solemnly scribble them out for some time yet. [Telegraph]