Bulk Data Collection is Needed Because We're All Terrorists Now, Says Report

By Gary Cutlack on at

An independent review into the need for mass data collection has decided that it's a great thing and that our agencies should continue filling up millions of hard drives with details of everything we do and say, as it does indeed protect against the modern menace that is terrorism.

The report, put together by David Anderson QC while working under the banner of independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, says there is a definite "operational purpose" to bulk data collection, with the full review specifically outlining one case where it claims that bulk collection directly led to the safe return of hostages captured in Afghanistan.

It's such an important thing -- and it reinforces her beloved IP Bill -- that the PM typed up a few words about it saying: "These powers often provide the only means by which our agencies are able to protect the British public from the most serious threats that we face. It is vital that we retain them, while ensuring their use is subject to robust safeguards and world-leading oversight which are enshrined in the Investigatory Powers Bill." [GOV via Guardian]

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