Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Shots And Details Leaked Ahead Of Release

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It won’t be long before Canon’s EOS 5D Mark III is upstaged by the newer, fancier Mark IV. If you’ve been wondering exactly how newer and fancier, we now have what appear to be official product images and specifications for the DSLR, which could arrive as early as next week.

The folks over at serial leak site Digicame managed to scrounge up photos of the camera body, which unsurprisingly, closely resembles the Mark III. However, while the differences externally may be minor, internally, there’s plenty going on.

The biggest change, according to the specifications from Canon Rumors, is the sensor. The Mark III sports a 22.3-megapixel chip, whereas the Mark IV should pack 30.4-megapixels. This is accompanied by Canon’s DIGIC 6+ image processor, up from the DIGIC 5+ in the previous hardware.

In terms of connectivity, nice additions include USB 3.0, Wi-Fi and NFC support, so there are no shortage of ways of getting your images off the device.

Certainly not a revolutionary upgrade if you’ve invested in the Mark III, but solid nonetheless. The only question not answered is how expensive the camera will be, but I’m sure we’ll know soon enough.

Image: Digicame / Canon

Image: Digicame / Canon

Image: Digicame / Canon

[Canon Rumours and Digicame, via PetaPixel]

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