Chrome Reintroduces Backspace-back After Public Outcry

By Gary Cutlack on at

This may have passed you by or this may have inconvenienced you so much you've been shouting at the internet in capital letters for a fortnight, but... Google has changed the behaviour of the backspace button in its Chrome browser.

It used to take you back, as in back to the previous page, as long as the cursor wasn't in an editable text field. Then it stopped, because all of the people in the Chrome development office didn't use it that way any more, so they assumed everyone in the world didn't use that way it either. Sadly they were wrong.

Due to being shouted at in capital letters for ages, Google has reintroduced the feature. Sort of. It's now available as a standalone extension for Chrome within the Chrome web shop, although we doubt if many people will think to look for an app to fix a broken feature and will instead change their behaviour and stop moaning, try another browser and stop moaning, or carry on moaning in increasing volume and aggressiveness until the police get involved and they're not allowed on the internet unsupervised for a period of years.

It's here if you want backspace to mean go back again in Chrome. [Go Back With Backspace]

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