Cower Before a Magical 'Honey Badger' and Five Other Fantastic Beasts

By Beth Elderkin on at

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them has really made it hard to actually find any beasts. At least, until now.

We saw a few of the aforementioned “beasts” in the latest trailer from San Diego Comic-Con, but now Entertainment Weekly has given a preview of six of the creatures that will be causing havoc in New York City and likely matting Eddie Redmayne’s already-matted hair.

Here’s a list of the beasts, though I’m sure plenty more will come out of that suitcase.

The Niffler

Photo via Entertainment Weekly

The Niffler doesn’t give a shit. It’s a fluffy creature that’s attracted to shiny things, hence why Goblins like to use them to search for treasure. We already got at look at one in a previous Fantastic Beasts trailer, but what’s surprising is where the design came from.

Fantastic Beasts visual effects supervisor Christian Manz said one of the biggest inspirations was the honey badger. “We saw some great footage of a honey badger raiding somebody’s house with a completely insatiable desire to find food and nothing would get in its way,” he said.


Photo via Entertainment Weekly

You know, the crazy thing that was flying around in the trailer. It’s an eagle-like creature from Arizona that can create storms just by flapping its wings. It’s also the sigil of one of the houses at American wizarding school Ilvermorny.


Photo via Entertainment Weekly

It’s basically a cross between a stick bug and Treebeard from Lord of the Rings. Redmayne’s character, Newt, has four of them. According to Entertainment Weekly, the design team tried out 200 different versions before they finalised the design, and Redmayne said there’s a certain one named Pickett who’s Newt’s favourite.


Photo via Entertainment Weekly

The Demiguise is a creature that can turn invisible at will because its long, silky hair can be spun into Invisibility Cloaks. Therefore, its pelt is highly sought after, making the Demiguise an endangered species in the Potterverse. Luckily, it can see into the future, so the only way to catch one is to do something totally unpredictable.


Photo via Entertainment Weekly

This is a creature that’s remained largely mysterious until recently. According to Entertainment Weekly, it’s sort of like a “cross between a dragon and a bird”. It can grow or shrink to fit wherever it’s living, which means it’ll likely have a comfortable tiny home in Newt’s suitcase until, well, it gets out.

Swooping Evil

Photo via Entertainment Weekly

It swoops...and it’s evil.  [Entertainment Weekly]