Crossrail's £1bn New Trains Revealed

By Gary Cutlack on at

Derby-based train manufacturer Bombardier has revealed the finished trains that'll be running on the new Elizabeth Line across London, once everything's finally sorted, with the new Class 345 stock set to begin to arrive in May of 2017.

Running between Liverpool Street and Shenfield at first, the 345s are planned to carry 1,500 people at max commuter crunch time, with a lucky 450 of those getting seats within its bench-filled minimal interior. This initial batch will be seven cars long, before completion of more extension works allows the nine-car versions to come along in 2018.

Inside things aren't quite as shiny and posh as outside, though, as photos from London enthusiast IanVists reveal a quite sparse tank for squeezing in people with the minimum of fuss:

Bombardier says the trains should be 30 per cent more efficient than current stock due to being lighter, plus 760 jobs and 80 apprenticeships were supported thanks to keeping the building project within the UK. And yes, they have air conditioning, so people will be able to complain about being too cold in an exciting travel first for London.

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