David Suchet Will Play 'The Landlord' in Doctor Who

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

David Suchet is trending, and we’re relieved to report that he’s still with us. But only just, judging from this picture posted by the BBC folks in charge of promoting Doctor Who stuff. Boy does he look unwell.

Poirot is to guest star in the next season of the show, as a character called ‘The Landlord’. No elaborate moustaches are required for this role, and it looks like Suchet’s swapped out the slick suit and pocket watch for a set of keys and a… slightly less slick suit.

We haven’t yet got any details about The Landlord, but the 'mon ami' in this Facebook post suggests he'll be French. And quite friendly. Maybe in a menacing way though. Take from that what you will. Perhaps he'll be revealed as the owner of the Tardis, and pop round uninvited, work his way through the Doctor's supply of tea and biscuits, mumble something about unpaid rent and call his boys in to do some damage.

Playwright Mike Bartlett is in charge of writing the episode, and I'd be happy to discuss plot lines with him. [RadioTimes]