Do Not Piss Off A Man Who Punches The Windscreens of Moving Cars

By Gerald Lynch on at

What is it with Man vs Machine today? Like a scene from the shittest superhero film of all time, a man has been arrested in Leicester city centre for jumping onto a moving car and repeatedly punching its windscreen.

Caught on camera by BBC reporter Amy Woodfield, she believed the frenzied fellow was a pedestrian "because he was in running gear". Perhaps a near miss with the vehicle in question inspired his rage?

"He started approaching other cars as well and I started to get a bit scared that he might jump on our car," added Woodfield.

"You could see the blood dripping from his hand and knee and he was grinning as he was walking around."

That's last bit is...a bit creepy. Maybe it's some kind of viral marketing thing for Suicide Squad, which opens in UK cinemas today? Lord knows it wouldn't be the weirdest thing to come from that film. The man is said to have eventually jumped off the car, taking his aggression out on other vehicles before being apprehended by police for criminal damages and taken to hospital.

Check out the whole crazy video at the source. [BBC]