Domino's Pizza the Latest Company to Pretend Drone Deliveries are Real

By Gary Cutlack on at

Using New Zealand as a test location, as it's sparsely populated and not so many people might be decapitated were it to go rogue, Domino's Pizza claims to have made a delivery of a disc-based food product by a drone. This is definitely how things are always going to be done from now on and not just a weird stunt.

They call it the Dru Drone, and from what we can tell it really did deliver one pizza, once, in the city of Auckland this week. After this amazing first the chain claimed it'll be making this a regular occurrence and part of a standard drone service it'll be introducing from later in 2016, in what we can only assume is a massive lie designed to fool people into eating a pizza today.

New Zealand was also chosen as it has a particularly welcoming stance on the legality of operating drones, but one rule -- that the machines always have to be in eyesight of an operator -- has local drone operators believing the drone delivery service is unlikely to happen.

Philip Solaris of drone maker X-craft Enterprises told Reuters that: "I can't truly see how commercially viable that idea is because you would have to literally have somebody walking along to keep it in the line of sight, watching it at all times." [Domino's Down Under via Techradar]

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