Energy Firms Owe Customers £££s After Embarrassing Metric/Imperial Gaffe

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Wah-wah-waaaaaaaah. Ofgem has told the UK’s energy firms to get their cheque-books out after E.On discovered a basic mix-up between metric and imperial gas meters had left it overcharging some customers and undercharging others.

350 E.On customers have been overcharged by 183%, and one particularly unfortunate so-and-so has been paying far too much for 15 years. It doesn’t appear to be just E.On at fault either, with several thousand households believed to be affected by the meter-reading confusion.

Anyone lucky enough to have been undercharged won’t need to cough up the extra cash, but can wave goodbye to the glory days, as the UK's energy firms have been given a deadline of this Friday to identify the customers who've been affected by the mistake.

E.On, meanwhile, has promised to fully refund customers, "plus interest and appropriate compensation". Best of all? You don't need to take any action. Just wait for that glorious apology letter to come through your door. [BBC]