Everything We Spotted in the New Rogue One Trailer

By Tom Pritchard on at

In case you hadn't noticed, a new trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story landed during the early hours of this morning. It's a big one, and has quite a lot of footage that we haven't seen before. Let's take a look at all the secrets hiding within.

The trailer opens up on a desert world, as is the Star Wars way. Logic tells me that this is the planet that plays home to the marketplace we've seen glimpses of in the other trailers. According to Wookieepedia, its name is Jedha.

It's the home of Bodhi (the former Imperial pilot played by Riz Ahmed), Chirrut Îmwe (Donnie Yen), and his friend Baze Malbus (Jiang Wen). It's also home to an extremist rebel cell led by Saw Gerrera (Forrest Whitaker).

[Minor update: We already knew that Jedha had significance to the Jedi, and apparently it's a source of Kyber crystals. The valuable mineral has a link to the force, and are the key component of any lightsaber. Larger kyber crystals are also used in the Death Star's super-laser. Needless to say it's obvious why the Empire is on-planet.]

Speaking of Gerrera, here he is conversing with Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones).

Then we see more desert, with an Imperial Star Destroyer hovering over a plateau-like structure that same city. Anyone know how this is possible? Because I have no idea. Those things seem far too big to be able to hover like this inside a planet's atmosphere:

Back to the Rebel base on Yavin 4, with Jyn meeting Mon Mothma (Genevieve O'Reilly), Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), and a still-unnamed rebel officer (Alistair Petrie).

I for one am still not convinced that the fact Alistair Petrie looks a lot like the Imperial General Maximillian Veers (Julian Glover) is a coincidence.

It's actually pretty freaky when you think about the real-world time difference.

Another look at that same shot of the Death Star laser being installed:

The rebels seem content with Jyn being sent off on her own, seeing as Cassian needs to ask her if he can tag along:

And here's a very good look at Baze, with the big gun we've been told about in the past:

Another shot and we can see Chirrut behind him. We've been told these two come as a pair, so it's nice to actually see them on screen together for once.

The trailer's been edited to look as though Baze is acting as a sniper for this hooded person. Whether this actually is the case or not isn't clear, especially given the change in scenery. It probably is him shooting, but at a different point in the film. The hooded figure is likely to be Jyn, who we've seen wearing a hood/headscarf already.

Another shot of Baze, this time on the 'paradise world' Scarif - which is also home to an Imperial base of great importance.

More desert planet, and presumably that's Jyn's U-Wing fighter:

Now we see Chirrut proclaiming his faith in the power of the Force (even if he isn't a Force sensitive himself).

It's been made to look as though he's rescuing Jyn and Cassian from the custody of Stormtroopers, but I can't see a glimpse of the two in the shot of Chirrut attacking them. There's also a downed ship in the background. Looks like it might be an X-Wing with its wings closed up.

They're in shackles though, and someone is definitely rescuing them at some point during their time on Jedha. It could be Chirrut and Baze, but it could also be Saw's rebel team. I'm calling this point as a Wilhelm Scream moment. I got it spot on with The Force Awakens, so let's see how well I do this year.

And here is Jyn seemingly meeting K-2SO (Alan Tudyk), a former Imperial security droid who has no filters and gives zero fucks. He's also Cassian's best friend, which is bound to happen when you free someone from what is basically slavery.

A good example of that 'giving no fucks' is his statement to Jyn. "The captain says you are a friend, so I will not kill you". It's also clear that he's a tall bastard (around two metres), which is emphasised by the fact he's standing up close and personal with the 5'2" Felicity Jones.

Oh shiii... The Death Star is here. Also it's upside down, even though there is no such thing as upside down in space. Is this planet still Jedha, or are we somewhere else? There never seems to be a shortage of desert planets in the Star Wars universe.

The trailer seems to imply that this is indeed Jedha. Why is the Death Star here? It can't be a weapons test, if I remember correctly the first full test was the destruction of Alderaan in A New Hope.

We get a good shot of Director Orsin Krennic, played by Ben Mendelsohn. For those of you who forgot, he's a high-ranking Imperial Officer in charge of protecting the security of the Death Star. He's also very ambitious, and wants to replace Darth Vader as the Emperor's right hand.

Here are the rebels on Scarif, in a scene many have likened to the Star Wars equivalent of  the storming of the beaches at Normandy.

K-2SO embraces his inner C-3PO, loudly declaring that the odds of them coming out of whatever situation they're in alive are very low. 97.6% against them, to be exact. Never introduce this guy to Han Solo.

Then a shot of Baze, rebels, and his lovely gun.

Still on the beaches, showing off the empire's elite Deathtroopers.

Then there's this shuttle blowing up, which I think we've seen before. I'm assuming that it's some sort of Rebel ship, given the only other shuttle we've seen is Krennic's. Since Krennic's ship only has three fins, it's definitely not his.

It also helps that there appears to be a rebel soldier right next to a similar explosion in the next shot. The background (and the boxes) sort of match up to the opposite side of the above shot, but this is a warzone and there are bound to be a ridiculous number of explosions.

A follow-up to K-2SO's pessimistic claims, with Cassian having to defend his friend's extreme lack of subtlety.

Followed by a shot of a slightly uncomfortable looking Bodhi, who still hasn't said a single word in any of these trailers.

X-Wings, canyons, rain, and the night time. This is likely the same sequence from towards the start of the trailer, where we saw Baze firing from the top of a cliff.

We now see where those X-Wings were going, and you can see Krennic's shuttle in the background. Clearly this is a very important sequence. I'm wondering what it could be about. My inner geek wants to say jailbreak, or trying to infiltrate the Death Star.

Now Baze has an even bigger gun, I wonder what he's using that for...?

Oh. Well that's certainly a lot simpler than tripping them up with Snowspeeder cables.

Never mind, it doesn't seem to have done very much damage.

This looks like a shot from a Roland Emmerich film. What's going on that causes such widespread destruction? Is it what we all think it is?

You can just about see a U-Wing flying through it, so maybe not. It looked an awful lot quicker in A New Hope. Who knows?

You can't quite grab it from a screen capture, but it certainly looks like that the U-Wing escapes by jumping into hyperspace. This segment looks far too smooth to be a sneaky edit. Either that, or Lucasfilm has some incredible trailer editors on the payroll.


That looks like it's the rebel assault on the rainy planet once again.

Nothing of relevance here, I just like the shot:

This one is much better, though.

Those U-Wings look a little bit cramped. It doesn't help when you have a 6'5" droid and a bunch of soldiers wearing bulky armour.

Oh, and one more thing.

It's not quite as exciting as when we first saw this:


We always need more Vader in our films.

There we have it, all the secrets I could glean from this latest Rogue One trailer. Did I miss anything? Drop me a comment below.