Explore the London Underground in Sound

By Gary Cutlack on at

The rhythmic throbbing of North Greenwich's trains could be this year's protest Christmas number one, were enough people to get behind it, as the captivating swooshing of trains, opening of doors and warnings of the destruction of unattended baggage is part of The Next Station -- an audio tour around the London Underground.

55 stations are included in the scheme, with their sounds recorded, processed and remixed, then stuck 0n the internet as the London Underground sound map. Over 100 people contributed recordings, ranging from platform sound to the chit-chat of ticket halls. It's just like being there, but without sweating so much and there being piss everywhere.

The man who did Old Street turned it into quite the ambient work of art, adding music atop the sounds, although many stations are only represented by their unedited natural recordings. Covent Garden even got a Klingon in as some sort of nod to the city's ethnic diversity. [The Next Station via Timeout]

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