Facebook's News Algorithm Joins the "AI's Gone Rogue" List

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook's Trending News section, which it's unlikely anyone noticed existed until it went mad and wrong and hit the news itself, has got even worse. Sine Facebook binned off the workforce and left the algorithm do its own thing the social site has had to drop the short summaries of things people are posting about as they were simply too rubbish to be associated with.

Over the long weekend the bots were left in charge, and somehow managed to offend literally everyone in the world by automatically formatting entirely wrong news about Fox News US host Megyn Kelly, sticking up some swearing a comedian did about a woman, and encouraged mums the world over to while away their evenings by enjoying a video of a man using a McDonald's chicken sandwich bap for sex purposes.

It makes the days in which the news feed was curated by humans with minor agendas seem like a halcyon era of truth, as the curation bot doesn't appear to take into account the validity or reliability of the site it gathers its news from. That's your cue to say "Neither does Gizmodo" etc etc. [Guardian]

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