Fanless PSU, SATA III Drive and Lovely Copper Pipes Top Xbox One S' Internal Redesign Features

By Gary Cutlack on at

A take-apart of the new Xbox One S gives us all that look inside we crave, revealing how Microsoft broke physics by saving space while also slightly increasing the performance of its games machine.

The good news for tinkerers is that the hard drive is now a SATA III model, so although the machine comes with an ancient-spec 5,400rpm hard drive, anyone who swaps that out for an SSD really ought to see some substantial loading and installation performance enhancements -- as long as it's connected via a SATA III connection.

The biggest physical change comes from the PSU, which is now a much smaller fanless option. But don't go expecting a silent machine, as there's still a massive fan inside the thing, with the 120 mm blower sitting atop a really quite nicely designed aluminum heat sink and copper pipe set.

The modular construction lead iFixit to give the Xbox One S a quite high score for the chances of being able to repair bits in a DIY fashion should anything break, with components clipped in in a simpler and more logical manner than they were in the old One. [iFixit]

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