Film Stars' Follower Counts Used To Promote Film... So It Must Be Good, Right?

By James O Malley on at

Next month a film called Laid in America hits video on demand, and tells the story of two foreign-exchange high-school students who get kidnapped while attempting to get laid on their last night in America. Yeah.

As if the straight-to-VOD release wasn't enough to signal film studio Universal's confidence in the film, The Independent has spotted something even stranger.

In the press notes about the film, rather than talk up the acting chops of the stars, they have instead decided to list the cast and how many followers they have on a number of different platforms. Because that's what really matters, right?

Here's the all-important numbers. Our understanding is that the more followers or subscribers someone has, the better they are at acting.

Demi Olatunji - 5,458,218 YouTube subscribers
Josh Leyva - 1,617,125 YouTube subscribers
Madison Iseman - 184k Instagram followers
Timothy DeLaGhetto - 3,075,797 YouTube followers
Alexa Losey - 731k Instagram followers
Bart Baker - 6,966,347 YouTube followers
Angela Kinsey - 267k Twitter followers
Bobby Lee - 148,254 YouTube followers
Alexis G. Zall - 776,564 YouTube followers
Gabbie Hanna - 3.8m Vine followers

To be fair to the film, it is almost exclusively populated by social media stars who have little else to boast about - including main characters Caspar Lee and KSI who have 6.5m and 16m subscribers on YouTube respectively. As the Indy notes, it depressingly probably makes a lot of sense too given the target audience. The only thing they need to worry about is whether viewers will be able to cope with something that lasts more than ten minutes and isn't shot by holding the camera at arms length.

Sadly we're unable to confirm the rumour that an unknown actor called Harrison Ford was in the running for the lead role, until executives realised he didn't even have a Twitter account. [Independent]