Malibu's Sticking NFC Tags to its Bottles of Rum and Calling Them 'Media Platforms'

By James O Malley on at

Malibu has today announced that it is adding NFC tags to 40,000 bottles of its coconut-flavoured rum. So rather than taking poorly focused selfies, or sending ill-advised texts, you can instead take part in some drunken #brand #engagement.

Scanning the tag with an Android device will fire up your phone's web browser to access some special 'content'. Though we're guessing that it won't be quite as special as the contents of the bottle.

On the mobile site you'll be able to take part in an instant win competition to win a UE Boom Bluetooth speaker, or submit your photos to a "user generated content" competition, in which you can win a week-long all-inclusive trip to Barbados.

Intriguingly, the latter will apparently use Google's Cloud Vision machine learning technology to figure out what is going on in each uploaded image, and it will automatically classify it by theme (eg. BBQ, or festival or whatever other #cool #activities that #young #people get up to).

The site will also contain drinks recipes, a bar locator for when drinking Malibu in the street becomes too depressing, and links to MixCloud playlists curated by the likes of Groove Armada, Marvin Humes and Clean Bandit.

Amusingly, the press release quotes Cameron Worth, founder of creative agency SharpEnd which is behind the NFC tags, as saying - seemingly with a straight face - that, "Bottles are now media platforms, able to drive localised content that is defined by the market that sells the product and maintains the consumer relationship."

It's enough to drive you to drink. Which presumably is what they want.